School Clubs 

All enquiries should go directly to the club organiser.

Please note the school office closes at 4.15pm

Snacks: Children may bring snacks to the after school clubs.  Please note children should bring in healthy snacks, not meals.  All snacks must be kosher and nut/sesame free.  A bottle of water or carton of juice may also be brought in.

Collection:  Please collect your children from the room where they are based for their club, and not from the plaza.  This is so the club staff can ensure that all children are collected by their parent or nominated adult, and to prevent any child from wandering off in the plaza. If you are going to be late collecting your child from a club, please call the club organiser (not the school).

Behaviour:  The children are expected to behave during the clubs.  If children consistently misbehave during a club then the club leader may ask that child to stop attending and the place will be given to someone else.

Cancellation: If a club is cancelled for any number of sessions, unless it is the school that does so, all queries should go to the club leaders.

General queries: All club queries should be made directly to the club organisers.  The school office does not have specific information.  Please make a note of start dates and end dates for the clubs and keep the the dates handy for reference.

Cost: Some clubs run on a cost per session basis rather than cost per term. Therefore, costs may vary from previous terms and for future terms due to varying lengths of the term.  Other clubs have calculated the costs over the year and divided equally over the three terms with a fixed cost per term. All cost queries should go to the club organiser.

The school works closely with the providers of the clubs featured to ensure they operate in a manner that safeguards our children

Dates:  Please click here for summer term clubs and dates

Please see booking details below:

Before school 7.55am-8.25am

Monday lunchtime

Monday 3.50pm-4.50pm

Tuesday lunchtime 

Thursday lunchtime

Thursday 3.50pm-4.50pm